Give me a gun

Guns first published 18May 2019

Here we are sailing north on the Red Sea. The colour of the water is still Blue. Supposedly the sea gets its name from the algae which grows in these warm waters.. Today  the air temperature is about 34 degrees. The water temperature is just a little less,  at 31 degrees. The humidity is about 76 according to the report the captain reads to us each day. Is it any wonder algae grows here?

To the Portside we have a threat. To the starboard there is another. We don’t feel personally threatened but since Muscat, where extra security has boarded to fend of pirates,  or other threats,  the American shipping company has had these specialists to protect its largely American list of passengers.

In the past few days an American aircraft carrier has ploughed past us up the Arabian Sea to warn the government of Iran president Trump means what he says. Sort of.  As we left the Arabian Sea  two Saudi Arabian ships carrying fuel were damaged near Bahrain. Hence the heightened security.

When these events are added to the uprising in Sri Lanka that caused  our ship to be diverted from Colombo people are interested in everything happening in the region. Rockets in Israel have been returned by more lethal fire into Lebanon. Gossip is now the new currency. Will we stick to our schedule and visit Israel or enjoy an unscheduled side trip elsewhere. Time will tell.

Guns are good. Good men with a gun makes the country better than a bad man with a gun say the NRA so it must be true. Guns make the world safer and big guns, on a drone, controlled from an easy chair in Washington means no one gets blood on their hands. Our American friends understand this. 

Man loves guns. How else can I explain our war memorial in Canberra is being expanded to the tune of half a billion dollars under the careful management of Dr Nelson, a sometime adviser to the arms company that generously supports it. We love  Raytheon so much that the inscription of our acceptance of aide is in larger type than the privates and generals whose names are recorded in an equal sized print on honour boards everywhere else.

We continue to learn more about guns. In Australia we have other signs we love guns. Not only are guns good – we retire them safely.  These are sign of peace when positioned outside RSL clubs.  They must be because that is where you will find them – right? Oh,  in your town you might also find a cannon pointing down  the main  street at some poor tree that once threatened the village. Look for these peaceful weapons and feel safer. 

On board ship we cannot see any guns  but the captain has announced a drill for 10 am tomorrow morning. It won’t be about weapons of course just as the last drill on an invasion by pirates was not about pirates. This area was the home of pirates in the 16th century and these very old men are of no risk to us now. That is why we are relaxing with caviar and a GnT chaser.

We just hope you vote. Vote for peace for mankind, or at the very least hope men seek advice on peace from the women in their lives.

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