Strive for the light of knowledge

Our school has as it’s motto, “ Strive For The Light Of Knowledge.” Without hiding the wisdom of the words in the learned cloak of Latin it was emblazoned on my school blazer in English. No skill was needed to interpret what it conveyed. The problem was it simplicity. It disguises its complexity and remainsContinue reading “Strive for the light of knowledge”

The sea ebbs and flows like life itself.

I live by the sea. Some days we get wild seas. At other times the weight of the water wins and the sea is flat. The tradies who work around the town building the project houses of a new city like the sea. Sometimes they are hard to find on the work sites. Their twinContinue reading “The sea ebbs and flows like life itself.”

Go G

Our granddaughter turned thirteen today. Born into the electronic age she vlogs. She makes musical videos on tictoc. She loves to cook cakes. Actually she bakes all things sweet. Her school holds many extracurricular activities to develop in her life long things to be interested in. She has tried almost all popular sports. Now sheContinue reading “Go G”

Advice to my 100 year old self

This was a very difficult job because what I remember is coloured by the prejudices of long years but it is written without hindsight. We can all be wiser with hindsight. I mentioned my aim to write this article last night in company. I was challenged to offer advice to my 100 year old self.Continue reading “Advice to my 100 year old self”

Are you a home buyer?

My hometown is in an urban growth area. The builders have purchased multiple blocks from the developers. In turn the developers have created millionaires from those who once lived on productive land now being bulldozed into boulevards and alleys. I could write about the miserable space each new owner will purchase but on this occasionContinue reading “Are you a home buyer?”