Denise lived

Imagine as the father of Denise Duvall (Denise had a fatal accident on 2 Dec 1967) being asked the question no parent would like to be asked, “Do you give your permission for the medical team to use parts of your daughter’s body to save other lives?” What would you answer? Fortunately, for the familyContinue reading “Denise lived”

Thanks John

Nick used to have a chicken he would play with for hours. The now nameless chicken was happy to be carried around, in his arms lying upside down. One trick he happily played with it was to lightly run his outstretched fingers over its face. The bird would close its eyes and lie motionless onContinue reading “Thanks John”

Perhaps I should draw a breath….

I don’t know what happened but I lost my first draft of this post before I had finished. Let’s start again… There was a joke in our neighbourhood cows needed short legs on one side so they could walk around the hills without falling over. (By international standards our hills were hillocks, yet when theContinue reading “Perhaps I should draw a breath….”

Between the lines

In the same year the Bíró brothers escaped Germany for Argentina, I was born. By the time I was attempting to earn the right to graduate from pencil to steel pen the Bíró pen was being sold in stationery shops for as much as a dinner in a fancy city restaurant. In the years beforeContinue reading “Between the lines”

It’s a matter of health I visited the chemist today. The purpose was another supply of life giving drugs prescribed by my doctor. While killing time I wandered aimlessly around the shop and when I spotted them they reminded me of yet another incident this witless fellow has faced. Years ago, an ancient heirloom was in need of someContinue reading “It’s a matter of health”

It’s time for a milkshake.

Every week, sometime after school, the man from Moran and Cato would turn up. He would walk into the kitchen and drop off the box of groceries mum had telephoned to him that morning. I never had a lot of time for (his) choice of the things needed to feed us because there was neverContinue reading “It’s time for a milkshake.”

Fang this(

Homes end up with all sorts of mementos. They are usually relics of a past trip or given out as a mark of a significant event. It was commonplace for the government to produce medallions and we had several of those. We also had dog eared postcards sent to us from places someone once visited.Continue reading “Fang this(“

Hurry up – and wait.

When the fishing rod was bobbing up and down in the water I knew I had caught a fish. I loved standing on the craggy point looking into the water watching the minnows feed. This day I was fishing not far from where I lost mum’s chip frier. She said, “If you take that thingContinue reading “Hurry up – and wait.”

It is confusingi

As I age I become more aware merde happens all the time to innocent people. It happens to good people of any age. Horrible as it seems, anything can happen to anyone, and it seems it usually hits those who were about to say their life is good. Long ago I realised my health hasContinue reading “It is confusingi”