No price too high.

You have had lots of pets. Remember how you spent a whole year looking after a dragonfly nymph? It was the easiest pet you could ever own. Put it in water, and watch it grow was about all you had to do. The tadpoles that grew legs and walked away were not much harder toContinue reading “No price too high.”

Lost in childhood

Mrs James was a big woman. At Church socials, I now ask, Did she deliberately Attempt to kill young boys? To mix the crowd About We changed partners in the, Pride of Erin, And by progressive twirls, The Barn Dance. Twice I had been Unwillingly jammed tight Between Those girls. At those dances. (For levityContinue reading “Lost in childhood”

Do your bit¡

I am still waiting. Strictly speaking once I was – but now I have given up. Apparently it is vey easy to grow Oyster Mushrooms in coffee grounds. That is what I have read. Going back a few years ago, for weeks I collected coffee grounds from a local cafe. When I had collected 20Continue reading “Do your bit¡”

The advertisement promises 43 beans

Just down from the Mercer St Corner, opposite the Myer Store in Yarra St Geelong, was a cafe. In the cafe, on the tables, sat woven straw – covered glass Chianti bottles. Lodged in each bottle was a candle. At night the candles lit the otherwise gloomy room. Behind the counter the staff busied themselvesContinue reading “The advertisement promises 43 beans”

Seven Ages

Painting by Christine Dobson 2008 Reflexions No 3 Known to us as Looking into retirement Only a fool would write around the subject Shakespeare succinctly summarised centuries ago. As the fool you are you now tiptoe in the footprints left in fields of giants unaware how silly you are. Stage 1 Infancy I first becameContinue reading “Seven Ages”

Tell me I have got it wrong

Today Boeing acknowledged that it had made mistakes with its MAX 737 aeroplanes. It transpires after two crashes. they were quick to blame the deceased pilots for errors they made. Now they accept they were due to the company itself underperforming. It was forced to make this announcement when their planes were grounded – literallyContinue reading “Tell me I have got it wrong”