Time to set things right. Part 3

Many year before the world read, or listened, to Alain de Botton or Kevin McLoud you had an interest in architecture. It started when you were at school and it was heightened when you commenced tertiary study. At that time you found the most effective way to study was to swot in the civic libraryContinue reading “Time to set things right. Part 3”

Time to set things right. Part 2

These are hard days for investors looking to earn interest on their money because official interest rates are at an all time low. Somehow central banks think the economy will be stimulated to prosperity if everyone spends, and they will do that because a little debt won’t hurt. Consequently retirees are not investing in termContinue reading “Time to set things right. Part 2”

Time to set things right. Part 1

It is a beautiful summer day. Those who can are holidaying near the sea. The waves break gently on the shore, and children play in the shallows. In the hinterland smoke fills the air and the ground is on fire. This is the landscape of my country. As the decade ends we have had fiveContinue reading “Time to set things right. Part 1”

Poetry requires young minds. Revised

Broken bodies of boys torn apart by bombs With embarrassment I realised a Dizain has to have rhyming lines according to the pattern ababbccdcd. I have learned a lesson to read, revise, and wait before posting. Here is a newer version. Broken bodies of boys torn apart by enemy Fire – for King and CountryContinue reading “Poetry requires young minds. Revised”

Christmas Dizain

Christmas is family time at our place The children are in anticipation Their stockings filled with gifts of tinselled grace Will bring them treasured tokens to keep in speculation And hold them very busy for their vocation When school resumes and holidays are over They will be ready to tell of the favour To classmatesContinue reading “Christmas Dizain”

John Masefield inspired Sea-Fever

Around fifteen years after my school class read John Masefield’s poem “Sea-Fever” we were reading about his death in 1967. His lines beginning with, “ I must go down to the seas again….” impacted on me from the start. In the intervening years I lived near lakes. Later all my visits to the coast wereContinue reading “John Masefield inspired Sea-Fever”


I pinched this little example from a film. It is the job of an observant reader/film buff to tell me which one. The old man says to the youngster, look through these binoculars. See how things a long way off seem closer. “Yes”, came the reply. “It looks all clear and sharp, that is theContinue reading “Cricket”

Will you stand with me?

Why did you drive? Why did you fly? Why did you walk? Why did you swim? Why did you listen? Why did you stand, or sit? The answer to these questions is to understand. Do you understand? I think not. You stood because it had become the custom of audiences to stand in contemplative silenceContinue reading “Will you stand with me?”