Poetry requires young minds. Revised

Wilfred Owen

Broken bodies of boys torn apart by bombs

Seigfried Sassoon

With embarrassment I realised a Dizain has to have rhyming lines according to the pattern ababbccdcd.

I have learned a lesson to read, revise, and wait before posting.

Here is a newer version.

Broken bodies of boys torn apart by enemy

Fire – for King and Country on foreign soil.

Left Eucalyptus air. In their dichotomy

The troops grieving mothers torn, as land-holds boil.

Remember the fallen in ANZAC Day turmoil

Dicky, my school head master placed faith in

Warring soldier poets Sassoon and Owen,

Military men, saw brutality

In Somme and Flanders sodden trenches. Even

Daws understood poetry requires affinity

When he retired Daws lamented he left writing poetry, something he loved to do, much too long. I am now well past the age he was when he made this lament. Like him I find interesting words much harder to recall. Once again I am having difficulty with spelling and I find predictive text demands another level of concentration. Too frequently I will type something, keep typing, and look to see what I have before me is not what I had written.

Anyway, this Dizain poem has illustrations taken from the Australian War Museum site.

Once again, thank you for reading my efforts.

You know poetry. Please teach me by telling me where I can improve.

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  1. That’s the point. They fell for King and the King’s country, not theirs, and it wasn’t what they wanted, not to be heroes or sacrificial lambs. One of the greatest tragedies of all time. If the world changed after 1918 it’s because that deference to King and Betters began to be questioned. Long may that questioning continue.

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