An haiku sextet on a theme

Jelly Fish In February Blue bottles tease wave surfers Riding last warm breaks Lemon Pud Warm lemon sago Cooked as tapioca Our staple dessert Privacy Please Frosted front doors hide The intent of residents No need for coyness Power Usage Darkened hallway lit Daylight hours by skylight saves electricity Age Inactive old blood And elastinContinue reading “An haiku sextet on a theme”

Coup d’oeil

Fifty-five years wed The bride is Without a shadow turning Troubled by ocular tears Today she was pumped With a nostrum used To curb the canker Of colon cancer. As the needle pricked Into her orbs it Fed the chemical used To shrink capillary motions. We trust the ophthalmologist Knows the body As the macularContinue reading “Coup d’oeil”

2040 And the book and the film – review.

2040 the book and the film – review. — Read on Today I share this review as a response to my last entry. When your interest is piqued like mine you will want to learn more. ABC Australia has had reviews of this work on two of its radio programmes These are theContinue reading “2040 And the book and the film – review.”

Iconic Lines.

Eiffel Tower What was Gustave Eiffel thinking when he built the tower bearing his name? You know, that metal skeleton that sits by the Seine in Paris on the Champ-de-Mars. It has stood there since 1889 visible from almost anywhere in Paris. What would happen if it disappeared for good? Would Paris still remain anContinue reading “Iconic Lines.”

The answer to the question.

The other day it was very hot. Cook an egg on the roadway hot. It was a day the advice was, “Make sure you get plenty to drink today, it is going to be very hot.” Locals, and their holidaying couch – surfing friends, went to the beach. So many went there it was impossibleContinue reading “The answer to the question.”