Truth indeed

Photo by author

The smart book cannot feed you

As twisted old vines can

Supermarket purveyors sell

Fabricated nourishment as milk and meat.

No matter how much the sellers bleat.

The stuff of all wholesome sustenance – once lived

Machinery assures its by-products – waste.

Sure, senses sharpened in the laboratory

Allow mankind to reproduce the chemistry of life

Yet they cannot sense love

Any better than understand cant and hypocrisy

Take care and value

Our life giving innate world.

Keep in touch with the natural and

Honour the human generations to follow

Why? Millenniums of past life were

sustained as providence intended

Google smart books find unintended meaning in text

Yet analytics misses the point

Found in the germination of an idea.

Wealth is to know truth.

Its simplicity guarantees a contented life.

Image. The Conversation

Can you identify hidden meanings from a page of a book?

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