Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit We are in mid autumn and the passion fruit is flowering as if it was spring time. As far as I am concerned this it great, but I am prepared to be disappointed as the days get colder as the fruit might not fully ripen. We have two grafted Nellie Kelly variety plantsContinue reading “Passion Fruit”

120 Hours At The Wheel

Driving For Beginners 120 Hours at the wheel “Drive my car”. When the Beatles sang this song I had been driving for years despite the fact that like most families at the time we didn’t own a car. Driving was something I learned to do without any formal training. My test was to drive upContinue reading “120 Hours At The Wheel”


Alice was alone. With purpose she walked onto the pier. The young couple could see she knew where she was going as she passed by them. They ambled along unaware of how threateningly strange the light in the west was becoming, especially near the horizon. Their walk continued along the causeway. They noticed the boatsContinue reading “UNACCOUNTED”

Two and a spare

Two and the Spare Apollo LEGO is an untidy toy Except for the growing boy Who scrambles on the carpet To find the piece that fits the gadget Engrossed by art he drew And painted Charlie in the colour – blue Made notes on a Peloponnesus trip And joined an academic fellowship Themis The childContinue reading “Two and a spare”


The old photos you find in a box in the attic might be rubbish. You will only know if you take a look. You know what I mean I hope. The fuzzy black and white ones, the faded colour ones, came from long ago. The machinery you see in them seems unbelievable, yet it wasContinue reading “Prologue.”

Singular Vision – (shared post)

Expressing and recording your personal history is vitally important in its own right. It needs no further justification or rationalization. Singular Vision Our experience of life has an internal, and an external expression. When thoughts are recorded we are enabled to “see” the invisible thoughts of the individual. Whatever is produced need not be earthContinue reading “Singular Vision – (shared post)”

Sunday drivers

A trip to Clifton Springs is usually just a short dash along the highway. Today though it was hot, and all the Sunday drivers seemed lost, or unwilling to get a move on. All they could do was tootle along – one foot poised over the brake pedal – ready to stop in case roadContinue reading “Sunday drivers”