Two and a spare

Now I am four

Two and the Spare


LEGO is an untidy toy

Except for the growing boy

Who scrambles on the carpet

To find the piece that fits the gadget

Engrossed by art he drew

And painted Charlie in the colour – blue

Made notes on a Peloponnesus trip

And joined an academic fellowship


The child tip-toed on stepping stones

Energising bright synapse neurones

She read and wrote with ease

Stood firm in brothers hectoring skirmishes.

Study analysis connection discerned

Articles associate partner – titles earned

Composed – judicial officer enters court

Every measured word uttered in thought


The other played football

Or anything – but read Roald Dahl

The traits unleashed in brinkmanship

Were management and leadership.

Lost a score of years

At work he built in others careers

That set them to achieve

Security and personal executive


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