Sonnet To Spring Creek

Like a silken white sheet on a king sized bed The swell at three metres broke and those up to stuff Rode boards sixty metres in the roaring surf Just over the sand dune all lay still – instead A father assessed if his rod carrying children Were to eat fish he had better headContinue reading “Sonnet To Spring Creek”

A Birthday Wish

Dear grandchild, Twenty percent of the century you were born into has gone. In that time the little child has learned so much. Tell me, what have you learned that makes you now an adult? Is it the sense of fairness you picked up playing sport? Was it the value you gave to your teamContinue reading “A Birthday Wish”

The Grey Currawong

Photo Geoff Park WordPress The Grey Currawong Cementing the reason the holy scriptures Say hungry birds need not plant or harvest Despite knowing them as such efficient killers We reason they are not your everyday evangelists From my front car seat and – putting to the proof I paused and marvelled at the beauty ofContinue reading “The Grey Currawong”