The Girl With The Golden Hair

The girl with the golden hair Rode horses in her youth They carried Joy and she In equine bliss Round the rocky rises Until Struck by the arrow of Eros, She abandoned stirrups For home keeping The girl with the golden hair Meticulously lives to rules Even the most trivial ones Sworn in the springtimeContinue reading “The Girl With The Golden Hair”

One point five

CoughCough, cough,Is it your throat? OrHave you caught a viral load?Rasped by a thousand vibrating filesThe vile Bastards of the sloyd shopWhose job it is to smooth dry surfacesSaw back and forth in unison Attacking your ruby larynx Until soothed by a nameless elixir You gag and rest upon The TestTo await the dayThe textContinue reading “One point five”

Distinguishing Marks

Distinguishing marks were recorded on the admission forms of all enlisting soldiers in WW1. Herbert Laurence Nicholson , my future father-in-law, was seventeen when he was discharged from the Australian Army, when after 158 days of service, it was accepted he was under age for war service. His records show he had some moles onContinue reading “Distinguishing Marks”

Inshore Lady

Yesterday, Roger and I had a dress rehearsal for our first dry sail of Inshore Lady. Her companion, Micro Scoot, has been fishing already and proved she is a good tender vehicle. She too has a Spritsail as opposed to the Gaff Sail the plans call for. The larger sail may make for better sailingContinue reading “Inshore Lady”

Repost: Sunday Book Review – Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl – #Memoir, Nonfiction

Sunday Book Review – Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl – #Memoir, Nonfiction — Read on I am sharing this review because of my previous reference to the work of Frankl. The answer to the question. WordPress blogs have lots to read from authors worldwide.

My Box Brownie could do that.

Talk of Artificial Intelligence Prompted me to read The programmer Obviously pressed a button That spat out art The work emerged By … mathematical formula Was named Le Comte de Belamy Auctioneer Criristies Listed it among the works of fifty famous artists Proclaiming the work as new Based as it was On 1,500 scanned portraitsContinue reading “My Box Brownie could do that.”

Cash is King

I have a friend who has a dollar note, sitting in a frame on his wall. When asked. “ Why do you keep this note?” His answer is, “It was part of my first ever pay packet.” My experience with money has been different. For a start the first money I saw as coming fromContinue reading “Cash is King”


Fifty-eight years ago I bought Mortheus. (It would be a neater tale if this was the sixtieth year but I have no control when these stories emerge from my subconscious mind). The original Morpheus was the son of the mythical Greek God Hypnos – the god of dreams. Like the drug morphine – driving himContinue reading “Morpheus”

Did you dream?

My partly remembered conversation started this way. “What are you doing?” “I am clapping . Nick has won the property auction.” “What are you talking about?” “I am . You. Me ? I was asleep.” “What do you mean I woke you up, you were clapping weren’t you?” “Yes. I was. But I was asleep.”Continue reading “Did you dream?”