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I am currently wrestling to write something based on this (bad) transcript of the podcast listed below.

Joanna Murray Smith playwright, artistic royalty and

Michael Cathcart, ABC RN broadcaster discuss art.

Can you enumerate some of the artist’s challenges?

I mean what would be the top of the list, what is the common challenge that all artists face?

I suppose it is emotional engagement with the audience. It is not so hard to form actual engagement with the audience you can engage audiences quite easily with ideas but it is hard to engage them on an emotional level. If you don’t engage them on an emotional level then ultimately you’re not succeeding. And learning how to master that is the great journey for any artist. It is how you harness ideas to an emotion and get them in the right balance . And you use the emotions to get the ideas — to harness the emotions and get them in the right balance. And use the emotions to make the ideas powerful. As an audience member if only my head is engaged something is missing. As audience members we know that if only our head is engages then it is boring.

Fortunately, it is not only the artists responsibility, it includes the venue, and the audience and their willingness to come to engage with the work.

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