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  • Inshore Lady

    18/06/2020 by

    Yesterday, Roger and I had a dress rehearsal for our first dry sail of Inshore Lady. Her companion, Micro Scoot, has been fishing already and proved she is a good tender vehicle. She too has a Spritsail as opposed to the Gaff Sail the plans call for. The larger sail may make for better sailing… Read more

  • My Box Brownie could do that.

    14/06/2020 by

    Talk of Artificial Intelligence Prompted me to read The programmer Obviously pressed a button That spat out art The work emerged By … mathematical formula Was named Le Comte de Belamy Auctioneer Criristies Listed it among the works of fifty famous artists Proclaiming the work as new Based as it was On 1,500 scanned portraits… Read more

  • Cash is King

    13/06/2020 by

    I have a friend who has a dollar note, sitting in a frame on his wall. When asked. “ Why do you keep this note?” His answer is, “It was part of my first ever pay packet.” My experience with money has been different. For a start the first money I saw as coming from… Read more

  • The Grey Currawong

    10/05/2020 by

    Photo Geoff Park WordPress The Grey Currawong Cementing the reason the holy scriptures Say hungry birds need not plant or harvest Despite knowing them as such efficient killers We reason they are not your everyday evangelists From my front car seat and – putting to the proof I paused and marvelled at the beauty of… Read more

  • I G Y

    16/04/2020 by

    Author supplied photograph During the Cold War over seventy nations put their political differences aside and planned a series of eleven major scientific studies of the globe in 1957/58. Those eighteen months were called the International Geophysical Year. From that Australian scientists played a major role in the advancements of knowledge of the globe. Specifically… Read more

  • Nonet

    01/04/2020 by

    Lockdown and a certain age of folk Ensues it is safer indoors. The sun shines over the yard arm The whisky bottle’s empty. Get another one. No luck. Humbug! Pandemic The trap. Blah! These are words. They do not represent my thoughts at this terrible time. The only way they do is it is hard… Read more

  • Giant

    02/07/2020 by

    Majestic forest giantOversees its peers in battlesWith flood, fire, drought, axe.

  • The Girl With The Golden Hair

    30/06/2020 by

    The girl with the golden hair Rode horses in her youth They carried Joy and she In equine bliss Round the rocky rises Until Struck by the arrow of Eros, She abandoned stirrups For home keeping The girl with the golden hair Meticulously lives to rules Even the most trivial ones Sworn in the springtime… Read more

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