Do not eat when reading this.

When I grew up Australia was in the grip of a rabbit plague. Fertile ground was being destroyed as rabbits built warrens of rabbit holes. The clever little animals would run in one hole and out another as you watched. Catching one rabbit didn’t hold back the population for a day. The proliferation of rabbitsContinue reading “Do not eat when reading this.”

How smart are we?

When people think Before WW11, and in the years afterwards, most Australia kids left school after The Merit Certificate. This level is supposed to be equivalent of year 8 today however I doubt many kids of 14 would earn the certificate now.  The tests required students  remembering facts.  They tested basic literacy, numeracy, algebra, history,Continue reading “How smart are we?”

Tales from the volcanic plain

The caldera lakes and other things. Do you know the Western District of Victoria is the largest volcanic plain in the world? This big plain is interspersed with volcanic cones and caldera lakes. For lakes to form over  ages the center of the volcano cooled, the middle sank,  and filled with water.  In the hugeContinue reading “Tales from the volcanic plain”