First Day Covers

This is a challenge to post each day this month a first day of release stamped envelope. Except this is the sixth day. I have posted the others on Mastodon

On Mastodon my posting appears with the tag Mastodon is a federation of websites many former Twitter uses have chosen to use since it became Elon Must’s property

Today’s stamp celebrates the centenary of the birth of artist Norman Lindsay. Lindsay was a prolific artist and widely loved for his children’s book, The Magic Pudding. He was also loathed for his unconventional life and beliefs. His nudes hang in fine homes and galleries around the country. The bacchanalian life he led at Springwood in the Blue Mountains was featured in the 1994 film Sirens. Five of the Lindsay’s 10 children became significant artists.

The envelope has an illustration of a middle eastern port by Norman and a stamp of him on the upper right site

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