Kaleidoscope What did you children do days before streaming television programs ran? The lad remembered, Halting, before emphatically answering, “I tinkered in the shed”. Aphonic in exasperation the teacher coerced a longer answer. Boy bought to mind grandma’s psychedelic curio found on a kitchen shelf known to make uncommonly beautiful patterns of light caught inContinue reading “Kaleidoscope”

We see life

We see life We see lifeWhere oneAnd the nextFatigued footstepTreads beyond exhaustionPrompted by loss of sleepTo smell the garbage ofA futile suburban lifeWe seeHow the nuclear familyGrasps anyGrandparent likeUnpaid labourTo aid and manageThirsty children closeTo teatime tantrumsThe abstract tableauOf monochrome paintReels in heat hazeThrown at the rinsed outCrisp lines of rotting edificesAs buildings crumbleOn theContinue reading “We see life”

Distinguishing Marks

Distinguishing marks were recorded on the admission forms of all enlisting soldiers in WW1. Herbert Laurence Nicholson , my future father-in-law, was seventeen when he was discharged from the Australian Army, when after 158 days of service, it was accepted he was under age for war service. His records show he had some moles onContinue reading “Distinguishing Marks”

Seven Ages

Painting by Christine Dobson 2008 Reflexions No 3 Known to us as Looking into retirement Only a fool would write around the subject Shakespeare succinctly summarised centuries ago. As the fool you are you now tiptoe in the footprints left in fields of giants unaware how silly you are. Stage 1 Infancy I first becameContinue reading “Seven Ages”