Three thousand Sunday roasts

Three thousand Sunday Roasts A new metal textureOffensive toAugustus Rodin’s eyesForced him toPrematurely ageBalzac – the sculptureIn a urine treatmentHis assistants gave.Not all metalIs so willfully altered.Greyfriars BobbyHas stood in Edinburgh since 1873The pride of dog lovers.Aged in placeTourists rubbed his bronze nose raw.As a sign of our times a surgical maskPreserves his nostrilsIntentionally.No suchContinue reading “Three thousand Sunday roasts”

We see life

We see life We see lifeWhere oneAnd the nextFatigued footstepTreads beyond exhaustionPrompted by loss of sleepTo smell the garbage ofA futile suburban lifeWe seeHow the nuclear familyGrasps anyGrandparent likeUnpaid labourTo aid and manageThirsty children closeTo teatime tantrumsThe abstract tableauOf monochrome paintReels in heat hazeThrown at the rinsed outCrisp lines of rotting edificesAs buildings crumbleOn theContinue reading “We see life”

Six months in

Ten meld with todays State total Of 140 Australians Part of the 600,000 + Who join the mournful dust Six months in Meanwhile 16 million ill attest health Workers give careful attention Despite the virus’ raging stealth A vaccine worker Examines slides of the culprit In the hopeful chance It leads to discovery Meanwhile YourContinue reading “Six months in”


The Bill Ryan I knew was a dairy farmer. His dairy was on a hill. The paddocks his cows fed upon were all on lower ground than where he milked them. As king of all he surveyed you could expect him to be the ruler of his mob. (He was married to Helen (Ella) andContinue reading “Bill”

A Birthday Wish

Dear grandchild, Twenty percent of the century you were born into has gone. In that time the little child has learned so much. Tell me, what have you learned that makes you now an adult? Is it the sense of fairness you picked up playing sport? Was it the value you gave to your teamContinue reading “A Birthday Wish”


Lockdown and a certain age of folk Ensues it is safer indoors. The sun shines over the yard arm The whisky bottle’s empty. Get another one. No luck. Humbug! Pandemic The trap. Blah! These are words. They do not represent my thoughts at this terrible time. The only way they do is it is hardContinue reading “Nonet”

Singular Vision – (shared post)

Expressing and recording your personal history is vitally important in its own right. It needs no further justification or rationalization. Singular Vision Our experience of life has an internal, and an external expression. When thoughts are recorded we are enabled to “see” the invisible thoughts of the individual. Whatever is produced need not be earthContinue reading “Singular Vision – (shared post)”

Truth indeed

The smart book cannot feed you As twisted old vines can Supermarket purveyors sell Fabricated nourishment as milk and meat. No matter how much the sellers bleat. The stuff of all wholesome sustenance – once lived Machinery assures its by-products – waste. Sure, senses sharpened in the laboratory Allow mankind to reproduce the chemistry ofContinue reading “Truth indeed”

Norwegian troll? Yes and no.

Unwittingly I became a Troll. I though I had just made some acerbic comments on someone else’s comments on social media -and I got back more than I expected. I had heard about how awful Trolls were but I had to consult a dictionary to discover what I had done was to trolling. Since IContinue reading “Norwegian troll? Yes and no.”