2040 And the book and the film – review.

2040 the book and the film – review.

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Today I share this review as a response to my last entry.

When your interest is piqued like mine you will want to learn more.

ABC Australia has had reviews of this work on two of its radio programmes

These are the references



These three references say it all better than I am able. We have but this planet and together we can love it back to health. Let’s do it.

It starts with a like to this article and it ends when balance is restored to our human home. Thank you.

Shocking scenes from the modern world

The theme of these photos from across the globe is common. Why? Am I alone in being alarmed?

These photographs are images collected today. Will they be worse tomorrow.

Photo courtesy ABC Australia
Courtesy BBC
Courtesy BBC
Courtesy BBC
Courtesy BBC

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