Numbers/Ratios and the like.

Here we are in the State of of Disaster. It is one year since I began this blog. When I started I had no ambition but to record my reaction to the moments of the day in relation to my past lived experience. I thought twenty or thirty years from now my grandchildren might likeContinue reading “Numbers/Ratios and the like.”

Six months in

Ten meld with todays State total Of 140 Australians Part of the 600,000 + Who join the mournful dust Six months in Meanwhile 16 million ill attest health Workers give careful attention Despite the virus’ raging stealth A vaccine worker Examines slides of the culprit In the hopeful chance It leads to discovery Meanwhile YourContinue reading “Six months in”

One point five

CoughCough, cough,Is it your throat? OrHave you caught a viral load?Rasped by a thousand vibrating filesThe vile Bastards of the sloyd shopWhose job it is to smooth dry surfacesSaw back and forth in unison Attacking your ruby larynx Until soothed by a nameless elixir You gag and rest upon The TestTo await the dayThe textContinue reading “One point five”

Cash is King

I have a friend who has a dollar note, sitting in a frame on his wall. When asked. “ Why do you keep this note?” His answer is, “It was part of my first ever pay packet.” My experience with money has been different. For a start the first money I saw as coming fromContinue reading “Cash is King”

Did you dream?

My partly remembered conversation started this way. “What are you doing?” “I am clapping . Nick has won the property auction.” “What are you talking about?” “I am . You. Me ? I was asleep.” “What do you mean I woke you up, you were clapping weren’t you?” “Yes. I was. But I was asleep.”Continue reading “Did you dream?”


Author supplied photograph During the Cold War over seventy nations put their political differences aside and planned a series of eleven major scientific studies of the globe in 1957/58. Those eighteen months were called the International Geophysical Year. From that Australian scientists played a major role in the advancements of knowledge of the globe. SpecificallyContinue reading “I G Y”

Coup d’oeil

Fifty-five years wed The bride is Without a shadow turning Troubled by ocular tears Today she was pumped With a nostrum used To curb the canker Of colon cancer. As the needle pricked Into her orbs it Fed the chemical used To shrink capillary motions. We trust the ophthalmologist Knows the body As the macularContinue reading “Coup d’oeil”

It is confusingi

As I age I become more aware merde happens all the time to innocent people. It happens to good people of any age. Horrible as it seems, anything can happen to anyone, and it seems it usually hits those who were about to say their life is good. Long ago I realised my health hasContinue reading “It is confusingi”