Numbers/Ratios and the like.

Here we are in the State of of Disaster. It is one year since I began this blog. When I started I had no ambition but to record my reaction to the moments of the day in relation to my past lived experience. I thought twenty or thirty years from now my grandchildren might likeContinue reading “Numbers/Ratios and the like.”

Six months in

Ten meld with todays State total Of 140 Australians Part of the 600,000 + Who join the mournful dust Six months in Meanwhile 16 million ill attest health Workers give careful attention Despite the virus’ raging stealth A vaccine worker Examines slides of the culprit In the hopeful chance It leads to discovery Meanwhile YourContinue reading “Six months in”

Did you dream?

My partly remembered conversation started this way. “What are you doing?” “I am clapping . Nick has won the property auction.” “What are you talking about?” “I am . You. Me ? I was asleep.” “What do you mean I woke you up, you were clapping weren’t you?” “Yes. I was. But I was asleep.”Continue reading “Did you dream?”

Sonnet To Spring Creek

Like a silken white sheet on a king sized bed The swell at three metres broke and those up to stuff Rode boards sixty metres in the roaring surf Just over the sand dune all lay still – instead A father assessed if his rod carrying children Were to eat fish he had better headContinue reading “Sonnet To Spring Creek”


Lockdown and a certain age of folk Ensues it is safer indoors. The sun shines over the yard arm The whisky bottle’s empty. Get another one. No luck. Humbug! Pandemic The trap. Blah! These are words. They do not represent my thoughts at this terrible time. The only way they do is it is hardContinue reading “Nonet”

Take a seat.

Living with good genes you visit your doctor only to replace the medications he has prescribed for daily use, when you have run out. You trust your GP – the pills prescribed; will reduce your cholesterol, replace the hormones your absent thyroid cannot produce, or lower your blood pressure. The proof all is well isContinue reading “Take a seat.”