King River

King River We relax in the evening light on his fluid banks The William Hovell dam tames him until like the young girl in the park he defiantly tumbles over the spillway where he reaches his valley too weak to fight rocks he once tore from the hills. Today he playfully polishes marble-round those tooContinue reading “King River”


You do not easily adapt to change. It took years before you settled into Torquay. You hated the suburban life preferring the holiday feel of the coastal village down the road. It is surrounded by a national park, heathland , and the uninterrupted expanse of the Southern Ocean. It is a true – Gods WaitingContinue reading “BLM”

Hurry up – and wait.

When the fishing rod was bobbing up and down in the water I knew I had caught a fish. I loved standing on the craggy point looking into the water watching the minnows feed. This day I was fishing not far from where I lost mum’s chip frier. She said, “If you take that thingContinue reading “Hurry up – and wait.”