Spring produce

Above ground the springtime vegetable gardenSprouts with verdant green growthLeaves smooth, jagged, curled, and plainWear their choice costumes in bright sunlightSing in the rainDance in moonlightSway on springtime breezesTo tunes composed by weather godsCalling to businessMature foodstuffFresh – crisp – sweet smelling – table ready goodnessRewards for patientHome gardeners Try as I might my attemptsContinue reading “Spring produce”

2040 And the book and the film – review.

2040 the book and the film – review. https://aliterarybent.wordpress.com/2019/08/27/2040-the-book-and-the-film-review/ — Read on aliterarybent.wordpress.com/2019/08/27/2040-the-book-and-the-film-review/ Today I share this review as a response to my last entry. When your interest is piqued like mine you will want to learn more. ABC Australia has had reviews of this work on two of its radio programmes These are theContinue reading “2040 And the book and the film – review.”

Denise lived

Imagine as the father of Denise Duvall (Denise had a fatal accident on 2 Dec 1967) being asked the question no parent would like to be asked, “Do you give your permission for the medical team to use parts of your daughter’s body to save other lives?” What would you answer? Fortunately, for the familyContinue reading “Denise lived”