King River

King River We relax in the evening light on his fluid banks The William Hovell dam tames him until like the young girl in the park he defiantly tumbles over the spillway where he reaches his valley too weak to fight rocks he once tore from the hills. Today he playfully polishes marble-round those tooContinue reading “King River”

The Grey Currawong

Photo Geoff Park WordPress The Grey Currawong Cementing the reason the holy scriptures Say hungry birds need not plant or harvest Despite knowing them as such efficient killers We reason they are not your everyday evangelists From my front car seat and – putting to the proof I paused and marvelled at the beauty ofContinue reading “The Grey Currawong”

Thanks John

Nick used to have a chicken he would play with for hours. The now nameless chicken was happy to be carried around, in his arms lying upside down. One trick he happily played with it was to lightly run his outstretched fingers over its face. The bird would close its eyes and lie motionless onContinue reading “Thanks John”