Coup d’oeil

Fifty-five years wed

The bride is

Without a shadow turning

Troubled by ocular tears

Today she was pumped

With a nostrum used

To curb the canker

Of colon cancer.

As the needle pricked

Into her orbs it

Fed the chemical used

To shrink capillary motions.

We trust the ophthalmologist

Knows the body

As the macular

Sees not – the colon.

Lost in childhood

Mrs James was a big woman.

At Church socials,

I now ask,

Did she deliberately

Attempt to kill young boys?

To mix the crowd


We changed partners in the,

Pride of Erin,

And by progressive twirls,

The Barn Dance.


I had been

Unwillingly jammed tight


Those girls.

At those dances.

(For levity

I use name Christine

Calls her ample bosoms


Many decades later.)

Tonight –

As she approached –

She would again

Crush my face betwixt

Her body.

My boyhood fear


I would


Wedged in the flesh

And suffocate.

The music stopped

And I

Grew to


The unfounded fear

Was want of