Ekphrastic Review. Ralph Vaughan Williams, The Lark Ascending

The Lark Ascending In the style of George Meredith prompted by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Always one of classical music’s most popular tunes. Drawing on past experience, With curious indifference, wind-surfers twist at Eagle Rock. Two air-gliders soaring – Peacocks! At Aireys, warm air rises, beach wide as on Grampians mount, birds preside. Oven-crisp wind lifts,Continue reading “Ekphrastic Review. Ralph Vaughan Williams, The Lark Ascending”

The Shepherd’s Song

I cannot cross It is not water but language that divides us French is not my tongue Canteloube’s Occitan beyond me The composer stands his ground He alone can make this work. From the first bar I am lost to the world For six minutes twenty seven seconds On the soaring voice Of Frederica VonContinue reading “The Shepherd’s Song”


Henry Purcell by Gerard Manley Hopkins The poet wishes well to the divine genius of Purcell and praises him that, whereas other musicians have given utterance to the moods of man’s mind, he has, beyond that, uttered in notes the very make and species of man as created both in him and in all menContinue reading “Birthdays”

The Refugee

The embarking passengers ran to the taxi rank and opened the door pausing just long enough to flick water from the rain soaked umbrella before they climbed into the cab. The driver, wearing a checked shirt embossed with the logo “13 cabs” on the collar asked, “Where to”? “Recital Centre Kavanagh Street South Melbourne”. TheContinue reading “The Refugee”