Cryptic Poem

Behind the bamboo curtainWe thought it happenstanceThe sweat at the minced Imp danceA waste until it travelled freelanceAnd met us at home – that’s for certain. What is it? Truthfully, I cannot do cryptic crosswords. I admire those who can and that is why I have set this test. The clever readers among you willContinue reading “Cryptic Poem”

A tasty cake of many layers

Yesterday the Chairman of AMP David Murray stood down at the request of major shareholders. David Murray was the former Managing Director of the Commonwealth Bank. On his retirement from the bank he became a respected go to leader. His reputation was unimpeded so what went wrong? In simple terms he failed to understand aContinue reading “A tasty cake of many layers”

Billy Bunter

Billy Bunter was the child subject of a comic character of my childhood. Billy wore glasses. He was overweight. His character did not represent more than one child in our very large instructional class. Even if there was one child in our class which was overweight the child wearing glasses was in a different yearContinue reading “Billy Bunter”

The Girl With The Golden Hair

The girl with the golden hair Rode horses in her youth They carried Joy and she In equine bliss Round the rocky rises Until Struck by the arrow of Eros, She abandoned stirrups For home keeping The girl with the golden hair Meticulously lives to rules Even the most trivial ones Sworn in the springtimeContinue reading “The Girl With The Golden Hair”

Inshore Lady

Yesterday, Roger and I had a dress rehearsal for our first dry sail of Inshore Lady. Her companion, Micro Scoot, has been fishing already and proved she is a good tender vehicle. She too has a Spritsail as opposed to the Gaff Sail the plans call for. The larger sail may make for better sailingContinue reading “Inshore Lady”

The Grey Currawong

Photo Geoff Park WordPress The Grey Currawong Cementing the reason the holy scriptures Say hungry birds need not plant or harvest Despite knowing them as such efficient killers We reason they are not your everyday evangelists From my front car seat and – putting to the proof I paused and marvelled at the beauty ofContinue reading “The Grey Currawong”


The old photos you find in a box in the attic might be rubbish. You will only know if you take a look. You know what I mean I hope. The fuzzy black and white ones, the faded colour ones, came from long ago. The machinery you see in them seems unbelievable, yet it wasContinue reading “Prologue.”

Wind / man Power

One of the little John Bell Blondie dinghies Roger and I have been working on is now in my garage waiting for a final coat of paint. There is still much to do before it will be launched, but Roger has taken his to Robe South Australia. He anticipates it will handle well, even inContinue reading “Wind / man Power”

The things you can learn from a country girl.

I married a country girl. She was of the land. She knew things about the rural idyll that other girls didn’t. She knew, in the fog of the early morning, the cows welcomed the release they felt in their udders when she milked them. She knew the fruit trees with spring flowers meant there wouldContinue reading “The things you can learn from a country girl.”

An haiku sextet on a theme

Jelly Fish In February Blue bottles tease wave surfers Riding last warm breaks Lemon Pud Warm lemon sago Cooked as tapioca Our staple dessert Privacy Please Frosted front doors hide The intent of residents No need for coyness Power Usage Darkened hallway lit Daylight hours by skylight saves electricity Age Inactive old blood And elastinContinue reading “An haiku sextet on a theme”