Billy Bunter

Billy Bunter was the child subject of a comic character of my childhood. Billy wore glasses. He was overweight. His character did not represent more than one child in our very large instructional class. Even if there was one child in our class which was overweight the child wearing glasses was in a different yearContinue reading “Billy Bunter”

Inshore Lady

Yesterday, Roger and I had a dress rehearsal for our first dry sail of Inshore Lady. Her companion, Micro Scoot, has been fishing already and proved she is a good tender vehicle. She too has a Spritsail as opposed to the Gaff Sail the plans call for. The larger sail may make for better sailingContinue reading “Inshore Lady”

An haiku sextet on a theme

Jelly Fish In February Blue bottles tease wave surfers Riding last warm breaks Lemon Pud Warm lemon sago Cooked as tapioca Our staple dessert Privacy Please Frosted front doors hide The intent of residents No need for coyness Power Usage Darkened hallway lit Daylight hours by skylight saves electricity Age Inactive old blood And elastinContinue reading “An haiku sextet on a theme”

Seven Ages

Painting by Christine Dobson 2008 Reflexions No 3 Known to us as Looking into retirement Only a fool would write around the subject Shakespeare succinctly summarised centuries ago. As the fool you are you now tiptoe in the footprints left in fields of giants unaware how silly you are. Stage 1 Infancy I first becameContinue reading “Seven Ages”