A tasty cake of many layers

Yesterday the Chairman of AMP David Murray stood down at the request of major shareholders. David Murray was the former Managing Director of the Commonwealth Bank. On his retirement from the bank he became a respected go to leader. His reputation was unimpeded so what went wrong? In simple terms he failed to understand aContinue reading “A tasty cake of many layers”

How important is work

How important is work? It is a common enough ambition of school leavers. After all when a student is near the end of his/her secondary education it is a common question, What do you plan to do after school? The student will answer “x” or “y”sometimes with great conviction. And if you should meet themContinue reading “How important is work”

My Box Brownie could do that.

Talk of Artificial Intelligence Prompted me to read The programmer Obviously pressed a button That spat out art The work emerged By … mathematical formula Was named Le Comte de Belamy Auctioneer Criristies Listed it among the works of fifty famous artists Proclaiming the work as new Based as it was On 1,500 scanned portraitsContinue reading “My Box Brownie could do that.”

Cash is King

I have a friend who has a dollar note, sitting in a frame on his wall. When asked. “ Why do you keep this note?” His answer is, “It was part of my first ever pay packet.” My experience with money has been different. For a start the first money I saw as coming fromContinue reading “Cash is King”

The answer to the question.

The other day it was very hot. Cook an egg on the roadway hot. It was a day the advice was, “Make sure you get plenty to drink today, it is going to be very hot.” Locals, and their holidaying couch – surfing friends, went to the beach. So many went there it was impossibleContinue reading “The answer to the question.”

Time to set things right. Part 2

These are hard days for investors looking to earn interest on their money because official interest rates are at an all time low. Somehow central banks think the economy will be stimulated to prosperity if everyone spends, and they will do that because a little debt won’t hurt. Consequently retirees are not investing in termContinue reading “Time to set things right. Part 2”

Tell me I have got it wrong

Today Boeing acknowledged that it had made mistakes with its MAX 737 aeroplanes. It transpires after two crashes. they were quick to blame the deceased pilots for errors they made. Now they accept they were due to the company itself underperforming. It was forced to make this announcement when their planes were grounded – literallyContinue reading “Tell me I have got it wrong”